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Sticks, Stones & Bones is open for the season! We hope to see you soon! Go back in time, where you had to sluice for your gem stones. We have the sluice, the water and the gems and now all we need is you!

After encountering some occupational disappointments Mark Twain decided to head west. He took the stagecoach to make his fortune in the silver and copper fields of Nevada. There panning for precious stones amongst the most unlikely fellows, he strikes the mother load and loses it in no time at all.

You can do better than Mark Twain! You can pan for semi- precious gemstones, such as amethyst, calcite, pyrite and rose quartz, and keep them for yourself. Each bag of mining rough contains a wide variety of gemstones. You could make a necklace or just collect them for yourself. Learn all about your collection from a 5” x 7” card that comes with your bag. Our 50’ sluice will provide lots of fun and learning at the same time. We also have great gift ideas, collectables, fossils and minerals.

Louisiana Lithographic Limestone is found only between Hannibal and Louisiana, Missouri; about a 35-mile stretch. Louisiana limestone is soft limestone, so when the water seeped in the cracks and crevices, a process called "solution" occurred and formed the cave as it is today. Geologists say the limestone is about 350 million years old, 200 million years later the eruptions occurred lasting 10-20 million years that formed the passage ways. The cave itself is about 150 million years old.

And caves aren't the only thing this limestone and water mix left behind. You'll also find the mother load of fossils in regions like this. We have a special area for you to explore and find your own fossils. Chip away and see what you can find. A great adventure for the whole family.

It is speculated that Mark Twain Cave and Cameron Cave were once connected as one. Then a glacier came through during the Ice Age and separated the two caves with a valley. That time also brought the glacial clay that is the "floor" of the caves. So, you see, we love rocks, fossils and caves!

Sticks & Stones:
Pan for genuine gemstones!
$6.95 (1 lb Bag)
$50 per bucket
*Buy three bags, get one free!
Prices do not include tax.



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