Total Eclipse Tour

The Total Eclipse Tour is an adventure tour through the outer limits of Cameron Cave. It was created in 2014 for the adventuresome spelunker.
You will be in the cave two to two and a half hours, be given two light sources and will climb down 16 feet.  Also, you will “army crawl” through the Bears Den which is a 16″ x 18″ inch space for 25 feet!   On this tour you will walk, climb, and crawl….a true spelunker’s dream!

 There is a head guide and a tail guide on the tour and both are CPR certified. This is by reservation only, with a two week notice. 


  • Things to remember about your adventure:
    1. Wear the worst clothes you own – you will get muddy
    2. Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended
    3. You must be able to fit in a 16″ x 18″ inch space
    4. You must be able to army crawl 25 feet
    5. You must be physically fit
    6. Bring towel, soap and shower after the tour if you desire
    7. What you bring in has to be brought out


  • Things WE supply for your adventure:
    1. A bottle of water
    2. Helmet and headlamp
    3. Flashlight
    4. A shower house