Visit Hannibal’s largest giftshop

Whether you want rocks, toys, or hoodies, there’s something for everyone at the cave gift shop

What to do while waiting for a tour? Check out our activities below…

Crack Your Own Geode!



Uncover the beauty within these geodes. Formations of quartz crystal growing inside each rock. Crack them at home, or HERE IN OUR GIFT SHOP!

Come visit our Sluice!


You can pan for semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, calcite, pyrite and rose quartz and keep them for yourself.  Each sluice bag contains a wide variety of gemstones.  You could make a necklace or simply collect them for yourself.  You will learn all about the stones you find from a brochure that is available in the giftshop. Searching for gems at our sluice is fun and educational for kids of all ages.

Walking Trail

Waiting to go underground? Take a walk directly over the Cameron Cave on our 3/4 mile trail. See Missouri’s wildlife up close along the way!