Hannibal Tour Company

Take in the scenic views and must-see iconic landmarks of America’s Hometown in a lighthearted ride-along tour. Aboard the tour trucks, our guides will bring the stories and legends of Hannibal to life in this 50 minute trip through Hannibal and its colorful past.

Mark Twain Cave Complex

Samuel Clemen’s (Mark Twain) adventures began at “Hannibal’s Big Cave”. Start your own Hannibal adventure in the same historic location.

Downtown Hannibal

See Hannibal through the years. Over 200 years of history! See where Mark Twain grew up. Hear about fascinating figures from Hannibal; the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Jiminy Cricket, and more.

Scenic Views

See the vast rolling Mississippi River flow by. Multiple breathtaking views of the Mississippi Islands. The Iconic Hannibal lighthouse sits atop Cardiff hill, overlooking the downtown area.