Stick, Stones & Bones

pngsticksStonesBonesAfter encountering some occupational disappointments, Mark Twain decided to head West.  He traveled by overland stage coach to make his fortune in the silver and copper fields of Nevada.  There, Mark Twain gains and loses a claim worth millions!
You can do better than Mark Twain at Sticks, Stones and Bones!  You can pan for semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, calcite, pyrite and rose quartz and keep them for yourself.  Each bag of mining rough that you buy at Sticks, Stones and Bones contains a wide variety of gemstones.  You could make a necklace or simply collect them for yourself.  You will learn all about the stones you collect from a 5” x 7” card that is included in your bag. Our 50 foot sluice will provide lots of fun and learning for kids of all ages.

Sticks, Stones and Bones also has a special area called “Fossil Dig” where you can dig and find your very own fossils!  Chip away and see what you can find.

Also at Sticks, Stones and Bones kids can whitewash Aunt Polly’s fence just like Tom Sawyer.  Boys can wear Tom’s straw hat and girls can don Becky’s bonnet.  Parents will love the picture taking opportunities at Sticks, Stones and Bones!

It is speculated Mark Twain Cave and Cameron Cave were once connected as one.  Then a glacier came through during the Ice Age and separated the two caves with a valley.  That period of time formed the glacial clay that is the floor of both caves!  So, you see, we love rocks, fossils and caves and hope you will too!

Sticks ,Stone & Bones : Pan for genuine gemstones in our sluice!
Regular Admission:
Red Bag, $7.95
Yellow Bag, $10.95
Green Bag, $12.95
Big Bag, $24.95