Cameron Cave

National Natural Registered Landmark - 1972

cameronCaveLogoCameron Cave was discovered in 1925 and is rediscovered daily by you!

Cameron Cave offers two tours.  One is the Lantern Tour and the second is the Total Eclipse Tour.


The Cameron Cave Lantern Tour is strictly a geological tour.
Cameron Cave is the third largest maze cave in the Northern Hemisphere.  Cameron Cave’s constant temperature is 57 degrees.  It is a labyrinth cave where the passages are very tightly woven together. There is no electricity in Cameron Cave – everyone carries a lantern or flashlight. Cameron Cave is inspected annually for safety.
One of the jewels of Cameron Cave is our bat population. The cave is shown May through September* which allows our bats to hibernate during the fall and winter months thus ensuring a population of healthy bats.

*Cameron Cave is open Memorial Day through Labor Day*



Things to remember about your adventure:
1. There is a quarter mile hike to the entrance of Cameron Cave from our Visitor’s Center
2. Please wear sensible walking shoes
3. It remains a constant 57 degrees year round
4. It is a flat surface for walking, and are no steps
5. Not wheelchair accessible

No food or beverages in the cave.