Our Wildlife

Bats, Frogs, and Crickets

While many animals occasionally poke their head into the caves, only a few truly make themselves at home. Pickerel frogs, cave crickets, and 5 species of bats all can all be found in the Mark Twain Cave.

Fun Bat Facts!

1) Bats can live 30 years or more

2) Bats can find food in total darkness

3) Bats can eat up to 1200 bugs an hour

4) Bat species around the world are in severe decline or listed as endangered

5) Many bats hibernate in caves through the winter

6) Baby bats are called pups

7) Bat guano was used in the early days to make gunpowder

8) Bats are the only flying mammal

9) Bats can fly over 100 miles per hour

10) Bats aren’t really blind